Increase The Productivity

You may have heard of Managed Services, but are not sure of how they can boost your business? You may wonder how would managed services increase productivity of your staff . You may also have...

Reliable and Efficient systems

Managed Hosting provides the enterprise with two reliable, efficient options, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Virtualization Services. With either service you'll experience more than just a server...

Secure Data and Hosting

Security is no longer an option, which is why at we have partnered with INetU to have formed the Security Operations Center (SOC). As leaders in cloud security and compliance, INetU assembled a...

Make Daily Job Easy

You may think that you can not afford to use managed services because it is too costly for your businesses. We have made it easy to accommodate the needs of your business regardless of size...

Save Company Big Bucks

There are many reasons for outsourcing IT support and hosting service from professional IT services providers. The reduction of costs is just one of them but there are even more important factors...

American Management Technologies (AMT) Managed Services provides clients with unified management of the entire IT infrastructure including all devices, applications, networks and cloud

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We have resources that allow us to place professionals in your company for as short or long a time as needed for projects big or small. Whatever it is, let us know, and we'll have the professional ready to help

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AMT provides management consulting and technical implementation of business process management. We help clients to transform core business processes to be more efficient, transparency and scalable

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Frequently Asked Questions About AMT Services

Could I choose services I need other than plans on your site?

You can choose the services you need with same or lower cost. For example, you can have chosen the remote monitoring and support without using on-site support staff and pay for one service fee only.

Do I need to sign up a contract for your service?

You do need to sign up a service contract with us before we perform any of services for you. We deliver services based on the contract. You would get peace of mind for your IT services and support, and we provide what your business exactly need for you.

What would I expect after I subscribe your service plan?

Our consultants will sit down with your and have technology assessment, and custom design technical services for your business. We take into consideration your organization’s specific budget, goals and needs, to design a unique services package that will increase reliability and productivity.

Do you provide 24x7 technical support?

We provide 24x7 remote monitoring services for your network infrastructure, and alert you when detecting issues.

Would you keep my online transaction secure on your website?

Our website takes every precaution to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline, and we don't share your information with any third party.
When we ask you to enter sensitive information, such as credit card number, that information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL.